Hi James, I thought you might enjoy this one:

Recently, I wanted to start a new round of denial with that edging challenge “fuck yourself with two fingers for five minutes and keep the fingers on your clit completely still”. I wondered how difficult it would be to keep that hand on the clit still, but didn’t worry much about coming, as I hardly ever can come from penetration even when I’m very aroused, and I’d been completely chaste for weeks due to illness. I set the timer and got to work. Imagine my surprise (and utter delight) when after less than two minutes, a vaginal orgasm like a freight train hit me out of nowhere! And no, I wasn’t  gonna ruin THAT beauty!  Just for perspective, I’m mostly a good girl who often doesn’t come for days to weeks at a time. So thank you for the surprise of the year, and best denial fail ever!
(happily married, 42y)

Absolutely fabulous, thank you! Sounds like a whole new avenue for denial and ruins is opening up for you! Enjoy!

James xx

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