I shouldn’t even be awake yet. It’s early, I’m tired. But you know how I woke up already don’t you? With a hand down my panties rubbing my clit.

To put this is perspective, after my update last night, Daddy and I were able to talk. He wanted me pink an puffy, not just starting to get there. He also wanted me to already have that little tingle, that tingle you can’t get rid of unless you have a proper orgasm. Of course my sixth edge helped that but I also was told to give myself five pussy slaps. Fuck those five slaps were delicious. And it got me where he wanted me.

I also hadn’t thought I would get that tingle until at least two days in.

Comparing this to my no touch week so far? It’s better but worse at the same time. Because I can actually touch, but it’s almost more frustrating pulling my hand away from rubbing my little clit.

I definitely was not surprised to wake up with soaked fingers. And I don’t doubt it will happen lots and lots.

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