… four times and decided to ignore it ( I live with roomates and rarely get opprotunity to masturbate without trying to be quiet and fear of being caught, there was no chance in hell I would miss it now, please, please try to understand me 🙂 ) I have pulled my panties up and left them like that for hole day as a reminder, I am really horny by now and desperate.. Fuck, this is first time I’m contacting one of the blogs, please? And just so you know, I don’t have any toys

Hmmm. That Wheel of Denial is not something to be toyed with, I warn you. Thousands of turns has given it something of a life of its own, as desperate little sluts pray to it, begging for a good result. Some say that even though you can’t see it listed, very occasionally it sees the true desperation in a user and out of nowhere appears the permission to cum. But I think that’s just the denial addled brains of sluts talking, dehydrated by their constantly leaking cunts.

As your penance you’re to complete the denial survey, and at the end of that journey you’ll open a different spinner, wicked in it’s simplicity. And there you’ll find your one chance at redemption. Spin, spin, spin the wheel of edging… and see how its judgement falls.

Good luck.

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