An anonymous reader writes:

“I don’t know if you take suggestions but my little panty wettening
scenario is something I’d love to read, but I’m not a writer. At the
least I’d like your opinion on my fantasy. It’s a boarding school &
all the girls sleep in one room. No touching oneself. If you get caught
by a patrolling matron the headmistress is called & punishment
begins. First all the girls must gather round to watch. Your nightgown
and legs are to be raised & you are inspected. Humiliation is a big
part of this.

Matrons then use the ridged handle of the paddle & their gloved
hands on your clit to make you cum-spanking after orgasm = greater pain.
Then you are bent over the foot board-all of the beds are discreetly
designed for such punishment-& spanked by the headmistress-length
& specific goings on of this bit vary from occasion. Next comes the
real punishment. Since your desire was pleasure you are to give it to

You are made to mount the bed post, which goes in your front bottom or your arse. You bring
yourself to an embarrassing climax in front of of your friends &
classmates. Once your moans have faded you are very humiliatingly washed
& your holes are filled with variously shaped plugs, hands tied
behind your back & you are put to bed naked.  

*very much love you
& your work. Love to know what you think of my dirty mind* – aching anon”

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There may have never been a better reason to click the ‘Keep reading’ link in all of Tumblr history. Delightful work from @spankingtheatre turning the anon’s idea into a fleshed out story.

I know they aren’t denied, if they were at the Academy they’d be ruined in the first edge, and then left on the bedknob after edging on it till morning, but this’ll do nicely.

Thank you @female-orgasm-denial, that’s very kind.

It seems many find the prospect of riding a bedknob very arousing indeed. I wonder how many learnt to play that way, first locking their bedroom doors, then straddling their bedframe. Probably with panties on at first, but then, as the urge to be more adventurous became too great to resist, the last layer of modesty would be discarded.

Rubbing slowly at first, feeling the tingle as cool wood or metal kissed your hot moist folds. You didn’t intend to go further, you were just experimenting, and surely there was no way that huge thing would fit inside. But you kept rubbing, getting wetter and wetter until the bulge of the knob began to slip easily between your slit.

Perhaps you began thinking about spankings at this point. What a naughty, filthy thing to be doing. If you were caught, you’d deserve a good hard spanking on your bare bottom for sure. But that just made you even more excited, you find yourself pushing down, feeling the tip of the bedknob rub against your tight entrance.

Maybe you reached behind you, to rub your bare cheeks, thinking: I am so naughty. Filthy girls caught riding their beds would have to be severely dealt with. Perhaps at that point you began wondering if your best friend also rode her own bedposts. You find yourself fantasising, stroking your clit as you imagine you’re both straddling the bedknobs at the bottom of the bed, and then you begin to ride them together…

Your up and down gyrations are now making obscene squelching sounds. Mindful of being overheard, you slow down, bending at your knees, pushing against the bedpost until… at last… it begins to slip inside…

And then…

Well, perhaps I should turn this mini-story into a longer tale.


The way @spankingtheatre writes is just… perfect.

I know right. It’s a constant challenge to up my game.

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