‘Tik-tok, don’t you fucking cum…’ Was my command of the day.
Follow the rhythm from the device and edge the life out of myself.
1, I stop only when the ticking stops.
If Im too close, everything is off the clit or out of the pussy and
hump at nothing until the ticking stops. She controls the damn thing, and loves to look at me working at that.

When time allows, which happened today, my Domme loves to control me with, as I call it, the metrodemon.
is Her..no, OUR, favorite exercise. It does tone the booty really well. But
I end up sweaty and sore every where after… The beauty of the
training is that it can be done remotely with any communication app.
That’s what’s happening these days.

I was edging on different
surfaces and objects by command. And I lost track of time after the
third edge while humping on my dildo sucked on the bathroom wall. It
went on until I was a sobbing babbling sloppy mess.

Because usually I get to cum in the end, no matter how long the days
was, but now I’m Dice and JuNO that it really took ‘focus’ to another level
and pushed me to a place I didn’t know I can reach. When the time
was finally up, I fell a sleep as a stupified lump on the last place I was edging,
the living room floor, for seriously hours in all the liquidy mess that
I made…

The ‘tik-tok’ is my best friend and worst enemy. There
are so many different ways to fuck me with it, pre-recoding, random
phone calls, face to face, on the road, in a hotel, at friends cabin… I
have been mind fucked by this for so long that now anything that sounds
like it I get wet and squirmy. She knows I love it. She’s waiting to
see if I can start humping at anytime anywhere someday when that sound starts. So far, the
effects are not getting weaker….

Tick tock, suck on cock:


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