Oh that’s wonderful! Just remember it’s easy to get carried away so if he takes you over by accident just stop the stimulation and ruin it and ten minutes later you’ll be even hornier than before. Don’t let it disrupt the fun.

Tips for him:

  • See just what she’ll let you do when she’s this horny and desperate which she wouldn’t normally, that’s part of the fun.
  • Make her tell you her deep fantasies as you edge her, then use them to make it even better
  • Edge her with your mouth, there’s no better way of keeping her right on the edge without taking her over, you can just tell from how she reacts and keep her on edge for ages. Even better if her hands are restrained up above her head
  • Make sure you cum on and in her a lot when she’s being denied, it just makes it all the better
  • If you want to,don’t leave it to a coin, just decide what you want for her. Chance is fun, but you deciding is even hotter. Protip – don’t let her cum, maybe don’t even ruin her, just tell her this is how you want her, and she’s to edge five times a day minimum so that she’s even hornier next weekend, when you MIGHT let her cum.


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