Oh I was just about to say ‘yes’. Your request seemed so reasonable, and I’m reasonable.

And then you said it, ‘I’ll do anything’.

Silly girl.

Now i have to see if that’s true. If it is, then you absolutely deserve to cum.

If not, then you need to learn your lesson to watch what you say more carefully, and you’ll stay denied.

So, go and get a paper bag, or sheet of paper if you don’t have that. And write on it – 

I’d do ANYTHING to cum

Go to a bathroom or in front of a mirror in your room, and edge your brains out, naked.

Then once you’re right on the edge, put the bag on your head or hold the paper in front of your face and take a picture in the mirror or a selfie.

Send it in, (put it in a tumblr message, submit it or email it to james@edging.space) and I’ll give you permission.

Oh and if anyone else who isn’t doing the Advent Denial Challenge is similarly desperate, I might be tempted to give you permission too. In fact, maybe you’ll get in before anon here, and steal hers…

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