little thing makes me angry. Suddenly, I get upset very easily. Is it normal? Do you have any advice?

This is relatively common, edging is producing lots of hormones that you’re just not used to having in such quantities. When you cum you produce prolactin which basically goes through your system and neutralises many of the arousal hormones that you’ve been producing, so it can take time to adjust. But of course it also clears out the build up of ‘feel good’ hormones that makes extended denial so fucking sexy and exciting.

But I find almost everyone DOES adjust,  just give it a bit longer, rein in the edging if you are still struggling and give your body time to get used to it.

And you always have ruined orgasms that will kind of half clear out the hormones, but your reaction to those can vary wildly so try that with some caution.

But of course it’s totally okay to take a break, give yourself an orgasm, get back to normal and then try again! This is supposed to be fun, so try a few of those things and see which works best for you.

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