Say No To The O: What were your early masturbation fantasies like?

Madison: I used to fantasize about being tied up a lot, being naked in front of others and laughed at, being put in cages, and pleasing others while not getting any pleasure myself.

Say No To The O: Were those fantasies fueled by the internet? Or just from your own mind?

Madison: A bit of both. The ones about being tied up and denied just came to me. The rest started when I found out about BDSM.

Say No To The O: A lot of your sisters say fantasies about being denied pleasure and being tied up started very early. Even before they started masturbating.

Madison: I know they did for me.

This is actually just very cool to read. I always thought it was weird that as a 5 or 6 year old, long before I knew about sex or touching or masturbated, I used to have vivid fantasies about all the boys at school tying me up naked and thenthrowing things at me or dumping slime or food or whatever on my body in a public space so I was on display as it happened. But I guess I’m far from alone in this. Cool. ?

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