Madison hadn’t wanted to go to the Denial Academy, but her parents had insisted after they caught her masturbating to blogs in her room. She’d refused to carry out her daily edges at first but Mr Carey had taken pity on the shy girl and instead of the usual public punishment such rebelliousness would have merited, took her on as his own special case.

Daily sessions of stimulation and oral teasing soon had her so horny she began to edge herself willingly, but he’d taken a special liking to this pale blonde girl, and so he kept up the private tuition.

By the end of that first term he put in a request to the headmaster. A special role, at both their request. He’d be free to let her stay in his quarters at weekends, and use her sexually in any way he wanted. She’d wear a collar with his name on it and no other teacher could use her without his permission. Finally, in his classes she’d kneel beside his desk and help with little extra tasks, such as fetching equipment or demonstrating fellatio.

The request was granted. Madison was officially her ‘Teacher’s Pet’.

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