The big downside we see in your situation is it sounds like your girlfriend is not a part of your separation denial. It doesn’t sound like you are communicating and sharing the experience. Teasing and denial, in our experience, makes the man’s fuse really short. So, imagine if she doesn’t know you’ve been teased and denied for two weeks, and when you finally do get together and you cum in twenty seconds, she thinks you are just a premature ejaculator. Lack of communication can be disastrous to a healthy long term relationship.

To build ANY long term relationship into a healthy one, you need to communicate to be sure you’re both on the same page.

Try talking to her about it, saying maybe “I’m going to try not coming until I see you again, to see how crazy I will be for you when we get back together.” Or if even just talking about coming is too graphic, maybe “I’m going to save myself until I see you again.”

If she’s all nonplussed and just says “OK” or whatever, then that’s a message that she’s not so much on board with your denial fantasies, but at least you tried. In that case, just keep it private, but be sure to blow that steam off before you see her again, so you’re not inexplicably premature with her. While it’s true communication is important, there’s still room for privacy too.

But imagine if she reacts like, “You’re not going to cum until you see me again? Wow, that’s hot. You’ll be a raging mess when we get back together.” Then at least she’ll know she’s playing with dynamite when next she sees you. And what if she realizes she enjoys playing with a short fuse? And what if she also realizes she enjoys seeing just how hot she can get that short fuse before it blows?

People ask us ALL THE TIME “how do I find a woman like you?” Well, are you even looking? You can’t find a teaser if you aren’t even looking… if you aren’t even talking.

Although this is from a male denial blog I thought this was good advice and easily adapted for female denial.

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