The day had both been a bit crap for us. I was stressed. Miss wasn’t feeling well. We both desperately wanted to play but it had blown up in our face earlier that day. Still, when I was finally in bed and reading what she’d planned on doing to me my heart fluttered. God, how I wanted to do the exact things she was describing. Just bundled up in bed in my softest pajama’s, with the stuffed animal she’d gotten me. Legs spread with the lush buzzing softly while I’d tell her how I’d take care of her instead.

I really enjoy our baths together. I know they make us both relaxed and it was exactly what I wanted her to imagine so she could relax as well. Being safe and warm in the tub with me. Being held. Kisses to her neck while one hand plays with her breasts, the other sinking into the water to part her legs and play with her clit. She deserves all the pleasure she wants. And the sounds she makes…her whimpers. They’re all the reward I need. Knowing she’s taken care of.

And I knew in a way I was taking care of her, even though we weren’t together. Describing to her how I’d help her cum. Suffering as the lush edged me again and again. And as I talked to her she let me know she had the most wonderful orgasm. I whimpered, happy to have guided her there and wishing I could have my own.

Beyond desperate, I asked her if I could, knowing it would take the stress of the week away. She told me I had one minute and before I could thank her the toy turned up and pushed me to a hard edge. Just before the time was up it pushed me over into an amazing orgasm. I moaned out loud, forgetting I wasn’t home alone for a second. Woops.

Needless to say, I slept like a baby. Thank you Miss.
X Liz

Mmmm, Lizzie describing a Lush remote vibe being used perfectly.

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