We love Lovehoney.

For over a decade now we’ve been buying our toys from them. You can read more about why I love them on our Sex Toy Recommendations page but the big reason we promote them so confidently is they offer a Happiness Guarantee on their sex toys – In their words:

Happiness Guaranteed!

Lovehoney account holders also qualify for our Sex Toy Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with a sex toy you have bought from Lovehoney, let us know why within 30 days of receiving it and we’ll replace it with one that we think will work for you.

What that means is you can buy anything from them, try it out, and if you don’t like it, or even just find you don’t use it, you can swap it out for something else. Their customer service team are SO lovely too, but you can do it online if you don’t fancy calling. (Everything’s covered by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee too, and they pay postage on all the returns, it’s great).

As a Lovehoney affiliate we sometimes get sent exclusive offers, deals and discount codes and honestly I forget to promote them a lot of the time so I thought I’d put together a page where they are all listed and you can make use of them if you want!

If you use the links below we do get a small percentage of the sale too so you can see it as supporting the blog! Hurrah and thank you. If this somehow offends your sensibilities then you can of course just go straight to the site, I won’t be offended!

Lovehoney Latest Deals and Discounts

Firstly it’s always worth checking out their Deal of the Day as they are often crazy good offers! But they will also combine with the discounts below – woo hoo.

As well as the daily deals there’s an Lovehoney Offers page that has their latest advertised offers. If you combine those with some of the country-specific discount codes I’ve listed below you can get some amazing bargains in my experience.

Also, it’s always worth checking out this Lovehoney Sales page which links to items they are heavily promoting or doing clearance prices on.

The links below are country-specific (I only get deals sent through for them, sorry if you’re somewhere else – it might be worth trying any discount codes as they might be international sometimes. 

The links will take you to a new window. If you try any of them and they’ve expired please let me know so I can remove them! Thank you!

Recently added deals are in bold

Lovehoney USA

Lovehoney UK
It’s worth noting Lovehoney are a UK company (although have shipping centres all over now) and sometimes the best deals are to be found buying via the UK site – you can order from lovehoney.co.uk and still have it shipped anywhere!

Lovehoney EU

Lovehoney Canada

Lovehoney Australia and New Zealand

I hope some of them help you save some money! Do try combining sales and offers and stuff, if you find out you could save more with another offer you can come back here and click the best one for you and it should update which one is applied to your basket (that’s my experience anyway).