Welcome on air, it’s good to hear from you!

A good solid pussy spanking is always a popular choice. 30 for a first offence or 50 for a repeat offender.

Toothpaste or menthol rub applied to the clit and labia is also recommended for naughty little girls who cum without permission. if it happens again it gets rubbed on your asshole too.

Panty stuffing is another good one, forced to wear them inside you, driving you crazy for a few hours at least. Then having to wear them afterwards.

A few dozen snaps (elastic band) to your throbbing clit works a treat, make sure it’s as soon after you cum as possible.

For some simply ‘no touch’ after accidentally cumming is enough of a punishment. The rest of that day, and maybe the next. Not allowed to even touch your aching dripping little disobedient twat.

Then again you can always send me a ‘confession’ and see what punishment I met out. The more detailed and interesting it is for blog followers to read the more likely I am to reply.

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