What men need to start realizing is it isn’t the size of your dick that matters or if you have 6 pack abs.

What I care about, what turns me on the most, what makes me want to do anything for a simple “good job”, is how clever you are, how talented and gifted you are with words, how cruel your mind can be.

It’s that type of man that’s able to sense that there’s a weakness about me, sense that there’s still some innocence and naivety left in me, and weave and twist their way into my mind. Fuck my mind, make me want to do anything and everything for you, even things that I already said I would never do.

Rape my mind and make it yours.
Make me dependent on you.
Make me humiliate myself for you.
Make me get addicted to drugs and cock for you.
Make me worship you.
Break me.
Make me whatever you want me to be.

This girl should start writing greetings cards. She has a gift.

The last one I sent didn’t go down well.

But that’s my father-in-law for you.

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