I know you feel superior to me. You think you’re better because you have degrees, or your parents are proud of your job title, or you can think through a situation from every angle and come up with a nuanced, insightful take on it. And people will hear your insights and nod and wonder at how smart you are, and tell you that you’ve really made them think and they appreciate you for it.

And then, when you’re alone, your brain doesn’t shut off. It keeps picking things apart, considering different inputs and stimuli, parsing various factors. It files away the hard-won affirmations and validations of your intelligence. And then it keeps running. Maybe it won’t shut up. Maybe it’s torture. Maybe you have to think about a lot of maybes.

You really think you’re smarter than me?

The human brain is just a desire engine. It wants endorphins. It wants dopamine. We’re social creatures, so validation from other people is a major source of powerful emotional reward. Our brains work the same, even if you think yours has everything figured out and mine is to be pitied. We want the same thing. You try to get it by jumping through intellectual hoops. You try to think your way into happiness. Your attempts sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. They’re hard-won and capricious. Your rewards are elusive and require ever-increasing feats of mental gymnastics.

I found a more efficient way.

My days are relaxing. I appreciate beauty, the same way you might when you read complicated poetry. But I don’t have to do it under any pretense, or hide anything about what I really want to be doing. I delight in the gifts my existence gives me, press on the reward centers in my brain and get the benefits instantly and reliably.

I’ve looked at all the ways I could live, seen your folly, lived it even. This one maximizes my pleasure and minimizes my stress. It’s like doing drugs every day, but so much better because it’s healthy – it feeds my body and strength, so I can be around for longer to get the absolute most out of life. And to give the most back.

Bimbofication: the easiest and most effective hack for the most complex reward system there is – the human brain.

I know you think an Alpha/bimbo arrangement is unfair, and I admit that sometimes I agree. All Alphas get in return is our obedience and to abuse, use, and exploit every inch of our bodies – which is exactly what I want anyway, so I get just as much out of it as he does. (Is it what you want too? You can be honest with me. Did a little part of you weep when your wimp ex barely grazed your throat with his hands and then backed off, too scared to give it to you rough?) They deserve all the support we can give them in exchange for mercifully caring for us and relieving us of the suffering that comes with choice. It’s such a blessing that they love using us, and we love to be used.

I chose my life. Did you choose yours? Or did you accept the first reward system that was handed to you, without considering whether it was the best one? Are you brave enough to consider that there might be something more powerful out there?

Dare I say… are you smart enough to try stupid?

Well isn’t that an interesting take on things. Bimbofication is a one of the roads that exploring denial does take some down. Certainly one of the benefits of edging is how it helps turn your brain off, gets your mind and emotions out of their constant overdrive and just lets you ‘be’ for a while.

By definition edging and denial are a smart woman’s kink. It involves a deliberate choice to take the harder path, the self control to put off instant pleasure for a longer, deeper form of reward.

And so that’s why I think some of you might find this so intriguing. Such a beautifully crafted letter, written to you, from someone who perhaps once was you.

Perhaps you realise you might need this in a deeper way than just a break from it now and then, perhaps there’s some ideas in this letter that’ll inspire you.

If so, there’s plenty of blogs on Tumblr to start to explore, more rabbit holes for you to tumble down – you can’t go far wrong starting with @neuralnetsandprettypatterns and @yournaturalstate for some hypno inspired bimbofication.

Just, be careful what you wish for…


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