Welcome ladies to the third lecture in our Intro to Female Sexuality distance education series. We are so pleased that you have enrolled in this course here at TD Academy For Girls, where academic excellence, achievement in sports, and unfettered exploration of female sexuality converge.

Our topic today focuses on learning to ride the edge without “accidentally” being swept over the edge and climaxing while masturbating or having sex.

Sadly, at the beginning of every term there is always a parade of some of our resident students standing before my desk in my Headmasters office whining and tearfully offering me excuses for why they simply cannot complete an edging session without accidentally having an orgasm. My response is always the same. I give them the encouragement they need to succeed.

I bend them over my desk, lift their short pleated plaid skirts, lower their lacy panties to their knees, and then apply my polished ash “board of education” to their pale, tender “seats of learning.” Without fail, each girl leaves my office with both a bright red bottom and a renewed sense of dedication to taking responsibility for their own orgasms by learning to edge without having “accidental” climaxes.

I mention this to encourage each of you that no matter how little you may believe you can do it, you can learn not only to edge, but to ride an edge without having orgasms. Of course, if any of you ladies feel the need for a bit of motivation to master edge riding, feel free to pay a visit to our campus and make an appointment to speak with me. My door is always open.

For the lecture today, I have prepared an infographic with some tips that I’m confident you will find very helpful in learning how to successfully ride an edge. 


Now let’s have some fun with a practical exercise.


Hopefully, you ladies have been practicing since beginning this academic term. If you have been edging regularly, as all TD Academy good girls are expected to do, you should all have a better idea of what it feels like when you are approaching your own personal PNR.

Now it is time to put your knowledge to the test by attempting to ride your first edge. You will need 20-30 minutes of privacy to complete this practical exercise.

1) Remove your clothing, including knickers. Lie down on your back, feet together and knees apart.

2) Stimulate yourself until you are wet and aroused. While you do, be attentive to and feel every sensation in your body
(especially in your pelvic floor).

3) Once you’re aroused, using the three middle fingers of your dominant hand (the one you usually use for masturbation) rub your clitoris in circles. Use the speed and amount of firmness that feels best.

4) When you feel you’re getting close to your PNR,
start using the tips provided in the infographic to reduce your arousal rate and avoid orgasm. Experiment and learn which techniques work best for you. Breath control is always going to help, so consciously focus on taking those long six-count inhales and exhales instead of allowing your breathing to default to the rapid, shallow variety that always accompanies an increased heart rate.

5) While you focus on slow deep breathing, continue to monitor and feel
every sensation in your body. Be a big girl, face
your sensations, feel them fully – don’t run away from them. Take responsibility for avoiding orgasm.

6) Once you are edging, try to stay close to the brink. Do your best to continue the stimulation, but take advantage of all the tools you have been given to avoid climax. Pause the stimulation from time to time and then start again if you must to avoid coming.

7) After 20 minutes of edging, stop, put your clothes back on and do something else.

Congratulations, you have completed a session of basic edge riding.

Excellent advice here from a great tease and denial tumblr

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