I almost forgot! I’ve been on no touch since applying it, and I’ve never been more desperate to be filled with something. This icy hot is doing something great to me. To think I was nervous to try it! -KL 

Hi KL, 

Icy hot is fabulous, and definitely a great next step up from toothpaste. It also has various advantages over it because toothpaste often has grainy bits in which aren’t good for your skin and especially not in your pussy. The UK equivalent of deep heat seems to be a bit stronger, and there are extra strong varieties of all of them which turn from a good kind of pain to searing torture. Of course, some of you love that. Capsaicincream is one of those that in the latter category.

One good tip is mix any of the menthol/heat lotions in with just moisturising lotion to try them in gentler degrees, and then work up to find what ratio works for you.

As KL discovered, washing it off with water doesn’t help, it makes it worse, I assume it dissolves the active ingredients and makes you absorb them even more. What helps, just a little, is rubbing in plain moisturiser, but it doesn’t do much. Part of the point, and the thrill of these is that once you’ve applied it there is nothing you can do to stop the pain, and that can be quite the mind fuck.

So if you’re trying this, start small, dilute it with lotion, test to make sure you don’t react badly, and build up from there.

Enjoy the rush!

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