I managed to do an edge while pumping a brush handle into me! I’ve never been one for penetration but where I haven’t done anything in a while, I must be more sensitive! It had some interesting curves in it so it was different. I’ve only ever put a finger inside and that did nothing. But this was amazing!! Now for my two other edges then off to bed. Back in denial and I’m so happy. Thank you! -belle 

Hi Belle, oh the joy of a good hairbrush handle, well done! Next time you’re at a pharmacy check out the wide variety of handle shapes. If you think hairbrush manufactuers aren’t aware of how millions of women use them, well, there seems to be a strange trend for very knobbly handles if not…


I’m so glad you’re exploring more penetration – using something other than your fingers really can make a world of difference. For those tempted to try, just go slow, have edged yourself hard before even thinking about penetration, and if you can, get some lube to ease the experience. Make sure everything you use is clean and has no sharp bits or ideally is a completely smooth surface (avoid handles or objects that are different bits joined together like some brushes are).

While just the process of actual fucking feels good once you get used to it, the hotspot is your g-spot, found by angling the tip of the object up (basically the far side of where your clit is if you imagine it going down inside you). If you feel the need to pee, it means you’ve found it, don’t stop! Keep going, keep exploring, that urge should fade and the pleasure increase.

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