I talked to Daddy today for the first time since starting the challenge on Thursday. I told him how it was going so far (fucking fantastic), and he responded with “you will be tested a lot ?”. What have I gotten myself in to!?

James ( @female-orgasm-denial ) said that as a reward for making it through the weekend we could have one ruin. In the past when I’ve accidentally gone over the edge and ruined I have hated the way it left me feeling. Physically it hurts quite a bit, and mentally it makes me drop into a depression. So, I thought that if James said we could have a ruin I would just skip that. However, when I read his post earlier, and after scrolling through his ruin tag, I decided to try it again with a different mindset. It wasn’t nearly as bad as in the past. I was grumpy as fuck afterwards, but I wasn’t depressed and it didn’t physically hurt. I think these could grow on me.

Daddy gave me the added task of taking pictures and videos for him while I played tonight. I did and I can’t wait for his reaction in the morning! I’m going to ask permission tomorrow to post one of the vids with my next journal entry. My poor little pussy is literally dripping all over everything and my clit is so sore and swollen from playing. Every time I reach the edge I say out loud “good girls don’t cum” to remind myself of why I’m doing this.

I didn’t clean myself up after playing. I’m just going to sleep in my wet sticky mess like the good little denial slut I am ❤️

Oh I’m so glad the ruin was a different experience this time. Well done for trying it out!

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