It’s quite a step that I’m writing anything here. I’m around on tumblr a lot but I don’t generally interact but this time I feel the need to get involved.
Last year I got to around day 7 of Juno and was feeling incredible… And then I came… Just slipped over the edge before I realised what was happening and before I had the presence of mind to ruin it.
I didn’t get back on the wagon, so to speak and I’ve been curious about trying again ever since.
I managed to screw up even earlier this year ? I slipped up on day 2, after some incredible edges the day before, which only made the failure more annoying really… The orgasm was so weak it barely even counted as one, but I’m still disappointed.
Getting back into it has been difficult- being on a family camping holiday makes you really appreciate how much time you normally have to yourself in private…particularly if you normally take full advantage of that time ?.
I’ve been back from holiday for a few days and back to edging 3 times a day, but I haven’t been able to achieve even the beginnings of the high I felt last time. I’m not sure why, but I’m considering upping my number of edges or getting more creative with them. And I’m writing this post, maybe getting involved will give me a boost. Hopefully I can keep a journal from now on.
Wish me luck.

Welcome back to it, great to have you joining in. Good luck!

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