So I have a neat little toy called a Fidget Cube that I use at work to de-stress. Each side of the cube has different widgets to fiddle with but the important one here is the Glide, a round joystick button the perfect size to rest my thumb on and move in little circles. The last couple of days I’ve taken to imagining that my thumb is actually resting on my clit, stroking it in a glorious aggravating tease. 

I’m a switch so as I rub my thumb I feel the pleasure build distantly as I picture my submissive self on her knees, hands tied behind her back, panting in blissful agony as she begs and pleads for an orgasm. Her whimpers make me smile as she thrusts helplessly unable to stimulate herself, completely at my mercy as I wind her up faster then slow her down. She’s beyond words having been edged relentlessly for days on end only able to moan and scream in need in my mind’s eye as I smile and talk politely to my coworkers.

Okay, I can see that…

Loving you domming yourself, now that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

‘I am so fucked’

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