Today’s going to be a good day. My menses are over so I get to wear my jiggle balls to work again! I put them in, took a few steps into my bedroom and collapsed bent over the bed moaning and thrusting. I was incoherent for about five minutes humping my bed like the needy little slut I am. When I woke up I was feeling pretty meh about going to work but now I’m all fired up!

This is what I like to hear! Denial as a motivator, well done!

For those asking for recommendations in the notes, here’s Lovehoney’s collection of Jiggle Balls

Can I very, very highly recommend you do NOT buy any with a string (literally string) in between. You can NEVER clean that properly and so it’s just a very bad idea. But there are damn cheap ones with a solid rubber connector which are fine (if not great).

If you can spend just a little more the Lovehoney Main Squeeze ones are neat little ones, and the Tracey Cox Supersex ones (below) are better if you want them a bit bigger (we own both).

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