Gave myself a little thrill this morning. Since I can’t fill my slutty cunt right now I stuck my suction cup dildo to the bookcase and practiced fucking my slutty throat. I knew my landlord was going to be coming over this morning to work on the plumbing upstairs so I left my downstairs bedroom door open expecting I’d hear them come in when they got there.

As I sucked and swallowed and drooled I imagined I was under my coworker’s desk, just a nice little cock hole to keep him warm while he worked. I was moaning a little, not too loud when I thought heard the water turn on upstairs. I forgot my landlord has a bad habit of not bothering to announce themselves when they come in. I doubt I was loud enough for anyone to hear me but it turned out I got flustered for nothing, there was no one upstairs and it was the neighbor’s water I heard.

I love it.

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