This afternoon I went out to see some friends with my pussy stuffed, my public chains on my wrists and ankles and a lock closing my belt. I told two more people that I’m participating in JuNO.

Afterward as I was driving to the grocery store I was squirming on my dildo and getting horny so I edged in the parking lot to the point where I needed to do a coin flip. It was tails so even without JuNO I wouldn’t have cum anyway. I slowed my grinding down and kept the edge well into my trip through the store. I was feeling naughty so when I reached one of the waist-high freezers I bent over it to look at the sales items and imagined myself being fucked in front of the whole crowd gathered around me. I may have let out a couple of tiny moans that were covered up by the sound of the freezer. 

After I got home I wore some nipple clamps while making dinner since I hadn’t used them in a while and figured they needed some love. I had a lot of house work to do after dinner and listened to several hypnosis files to keep me going. At one point I decided to take a break and sat down on my exercise ball. Then rocked on it as it reminded me of the dildo trapped in my cunt. It took maaaaybe two minutes of grinding for me to need to flip a coin again. This time it was heads so I let that missed opportunity for an orgasm dissipate into the ether as a sacrifice to my deity and went back to work still horny. 

Some friends on Discord have been keeping me keyed up with lovely mental images of being a cock worshiping cum slut. Every time I look at their posts I start moaning. I know they’ll be quite happy to help me edge this month. 

I tried putting some Tiger Balm liniment oil on my pussy lips to see how much I could make myself drip. Sadly it’s not as effective as using it on my clit but I’m on no touch for my clit so not much I can do about it. A word of caution: only use this oil if you know you like a burning feeling. ONLY use it on your clit or outer parts of your labia. Do NOT put it in your vagina. I know from past experience how painful that burn feels and how very long it takes to stop once some goes in your vagina. Don’t do it. 

Why am I on no touch for my clit do you ask? Because I have trouble going to bed on time. The challenge was: go to bed on time every night for a week or I’m not allowed to touch my clit at all. Challenge starts over every Sunday night since that’s my weekly orgasm day. Three MONTHS later I’m a little disgusted with myself, apparently being denied the best most soul-shattering orgasms I can receive and being relegated to having harder to get and less satisfying vaginal orgasms is not enough incentive for me to get to bed on time. 

On the plus side, when one of my play partners so much as brushes my clit I’m instantly a moaning needy mess which is a hands over fists improvement over my normal level of responsiveness. Between that and how turned on I get flirting with the idea of never being allowed to touch my clit myself again, I’m starting to give it serious consideration. I can almost hear the whispers in my ears telling me to give in, surrender my right to my clit, it doesn’t belong to me anymore, I can never touch it again, it belongs to my partners to tease or ignore at their whims. I can feel an invisible clit ring piercing it, a chain pulling taut as it’s used to force me to my knees where I belong sucking cock. I’m bound to the floor, to my desire to submit by my burning needy clit which I may never touch again. Even a partner might never give me that perfect clitoral orgasm as they’ll never be able replicate my technique and respond as perfectly as I can by instinct. I’ll be a true desperate submissive cock slave always yearning for the one thing I can’t have and making up for it by focusing that need for fulfillment on fulfilling my partners. 

Fuck that’s a hot fantasy. I don’t know if I could really go through with it but it’s already been three months. Right now I just want to see how long I can go without touching my clit. So no longer is going without touching my clit a punishment. I will still go to bed on time to earn a chance at a clitoral orgasm. But instead of receiving that orgasm, I will write it on a card and burn it as a sacrifice to my deity. Instead of avoiding a punishment, I now am dedicating myself to pleasing him and fulfilling my need to submit. 

Which brings me to my last edge of the night. It was not difficult to hit a nice hard edge after what I just wrote. The coin flip was a tails so I’m just bouncing on the edge right now as I finish writing this up. Final count: two orgasms I would have been allowed today had I not started JuNO. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the month.

What a wonderful write up, thank you Sliver!

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