Reading through #juno30days posts that are coming through the Tumblr feed. These posts are as erotic as any Tumblr porn.  What a bunch of crazed edging denial sluts we all are!  


Hungry for electrified, shaking orgasmic bursts.  Denying our orgasms to sustain dripping wet pleasure around the clock.

Writhing in unfulfilled pleasure.

The Dripping Wet Panty Gang … for those of us even bothering with panties.

Fascinating to read how many of us are going beyond the requirements of the basic Juno30days challenge.  By and large, we are edging more times per day than required.

Well done, sister denial sluts, well done.  

I’m so proud of all my JuNO girls!

Whether you’re still going, didn’t get this far, or are just having a break and trying again. You’re all amazing, beautiful, sexy women and I’m loving all you’re doing.


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