I’m writing this on day 12, just after lunch because I need your input please.

Tomorrow, day 13, is the release date I agreed with Denial Bitch at the start, when I finally get to cum! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this.


@female-orgasm-denial suggested I try to get Denial Bitch to join in by promising to ruin my orgasm on the 13th if she would join in. She refused, but the specter of a ruin lingered in my mind. (damn you James!)

And then Denial Bitch and I had a chat. The outcome was this:

think you need to write your blog and ask what people think you should
do… it might help you decide… I’m only going to insist you ruin if
you ask me to .. is this to be the end of JuNo or not?”

That last bit ‘I’m only going to insist you ruin if you ask me to’ – cruel words delivered kindly. The implication that I will have to ask for permission to ruin the orgasm I need so badly.

Before you give me your opinion, please consider:

The 13th was chosen because I have a night away for work, and privacy to do as I please all night. Perfect for edging myself silly until I finally go over.

I have no more privacy for the rest of the month and likely for some time after that, I’ve got nothing in my diary, so if I don’t cum on wednesday, the chances of finding an evening to really indulge it are tiny.

I don’t intend to carry this arrangement with Denial Bitch past the end of the month as its meant as a journey of discovery for me, and hopefully her, so the thing that is keeping me on edge, and keeping this enjoyable for me will be gone.

So, what do I do?

Oh dear, poor you, what a dilemma.

We’ll see what others think, but here’s my suggestion. You ask her, once you’ve got right to the edge, when you’re completely desperate, you ask. But not by chat, no, you call. Perhaps she’ll be waiting, perhaps she’ll have been edging too. 

And perhaps, when you beg to be allowed even a ruined orgasm, she’ll say ‘no’. Or maybe she’ll say ‘yes’. Either way. Whether you’re clenching the sheets in frustration or you’ve just lost your mind with a ruined orgasm, the icing on the cake could be listening to her have the nice big orgasm you gave up.

See, now THAT’S mean.

You’re so fucked.

Good girl.

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