I’ve been pretty bad in not updating my progress through Juno, though so far, it really has been quite the challenge, since I normally don’t do long term denial. (Most I’ve gone is a few days) At the least, this has shown how much I kind of rely on my own orgasms for relaxation and stress relief. 😛 

The reason I’m posting now is all about this 5th challenge. It was… just pure evil. Something about edging while watching this video felt incredibly unfair, I found myself pouting and whining for more. 

Luckily, it seems that Female-orgasm-denial had planned just for that. He provided two additional videos, one of which, included one of the weirdest “leg up in the air” positions that I’d never masturbate in under normal circumstances. Obeying the challenge regardless flooded me with not only that sense of pure need to cum, but also a wave of humiliation while I realized just how thorough my own need to cum was controlling me, taming me into obeying these almost silly challenges. 

Worst was the final video of course, watching girl after girl moaning and trembling, shuddering helplessly in the throes of ecstasy while I laid in my own bed, pouting and humping the air with a whimper. 

Just pure evil. 

I love it when a plan comes together…
Good girl, great journal, thank you.

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