Its two in the morning and I can’t sleep. I was so extra horny today. Last night I had a dream a came so hard, I squirted everywhere but then I woke up humping the air. I miss squirting so much. I edged like 8 times today. I want to edge more because I’m so horny but my clit is so swollen and so sore. Humping my pillow is the only thing that won’t hurt it more but it’s not enough to get me close. Just frustrated. I hate it. But the truth is I love it. I love humping cause I feel like pathetic horny slut. I love being denied. I love getting myself so frustrated that I throw a mini temper tantrum. Like a little girl. I whine and kick and say it’s not fair. But whining won’t get me anything because good girls don’t cum. Good girls don’t cum.

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