Glad to inform that I’m incredibly horny today. I thought over the weekend I won’t really get the chance to play a lot, but I just finished some edging and decided to write a bit about it.

First one today was a “quickie”, as I didn’t really have that much time. I decided to go for a vibrator on my clit and nipple play at the same time.

Second one though was very nice and defnitely longer. I got some time alone, and as I was in the mood for some kinky playtime, I thought why not take advantage of it. I put my nipple clamps on, a buttplug in my pussy and while kneeling on the floor, I teased my clit with a vibrator. Then I wanted to torture my pussy a little bit more, so I moved nipple clamps to my pussy and got myself to another edge with a vibrator. Finally I clamped my clit and put a vibrator directly on the clamp. I really liked that feeling of pain mixed with pleasure.

At this point my pussy was already soaked, however I felt it wasn’t enough. I grabbed my suction cup dildo and attached it to the wall, just to turn around, stick my ass out and fuck myself in a doggy style position. After a little bit of a ride I switched it to anal, and then things got a lot more intense. My legs were actually shaking from pleasure. Rubbing my clit at the same time made me moaning quite a lot, hopefully me neighbours didn’t really hear that much of it.

Now I’m sitting and writing it while clenching my legs, because I want to edge some more, but I”m not home alone anymore. Today’s gonna be a difficult day.

Choose the hard path.
Choose difficult.
Choose Denial.

Well done.

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