Last night I did my longest edge yet, 2 hours between humping my pillow and lightly putting my vibrator against my clit through my panties. By the time I finished my panties were soaked and sticking to my skin like I had worn them into the shower.It took me another hour to fall asleep, but I was happy. I could feel the endorphins and the rush and my head was buzzing. And then I dropped.
I woke up empty and tired and unable to concentrate. I feel like a failure. I simultaneously want someone to hold me but I also want no one to touch me. I have no desire to edge today. And while I’m not making myself cum, I think that for the next few days I’m going to just focus on me. Not force myself to edge. Hopefully this will be enough to help me.

Seems like a struggle is hitting quite a few today. You need to know that’s okay! Part of this whole experience is the highs, and lows, of putting yourself through this. Finding what works for you, and what doesn’t. It’s ALL a positive result.
Well done honey, I hope your cock sucking skills get well used tomorrow.

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