After disappointing everyone, including myself yesterday by going over and having to ruin the orgasm, I was determined to get back on track so rather than snooze first thing, I did a quick edge. Nothing spectacular, just the little micro wand on my clit.

Since I want to work on my anal skills I decided to insert a buttplug before completing the second edge. I have 2 buttplugs, a small beginners one and one that came with the chastity belt which is slightly bigger. Couldn’t find my small one so had to take the bigger one!

Final edge was completed just after I got out of the bath (with a freshly shaven pussy may I add)

I was hoping my husband would be home from the pub by now so I could atleast suck his cock but no such luck. Unfortunately i’m too exhausted to wait up for him.

Hopefully there’ll be plenty of cock sucking tomorrow and plenty of cumming from him with a lot of dripping from me added in!


Lily, no one’s disappointed but you, and you shouldn’t be, you’re doing so well. We’re proud of you.

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