It has been 11 days since my last orgasm, and 4 days since I officially began my denial journey with daily edges. And it is with shaking limbs, buzzing clit, indented nipples, and slightly saited body that I write to you this evening.

Day 4 was the day that James asked us to ruin one. I have kind of been dreading this moment, this day. I considered just passing it by saying, “Oh well, this happened on the day I began so it really need not apply to me. It’s in the past.” But I want to eek out the haze, I want to be desperate (“Hi, my name is Surrender and I am a junky) which means that I need to play by the rules. So ruined orgasm it is.

Today started out great. Beautiful edges. Wonderful bliss. Great time with my beloved during which I made some exciting and happy decisions. …and then life kicked me in the teeth, sent me my period and an emotional upset that outside of extra hormones would have been nothing but with them turned into a couple hours of emotional hermitude. The mood felt killed. My drive felt killed, which I have mentioned before is difficult to do. But I still had my task to do…

So! I pulled down my big girl panties and got down to it. It took a bit but I meant business so out came the toys. Out came the vibrator but that wasn’t enough, even though I felt I was patient, so I reached for my trusty clamps and plug. With clamps on each nipple, one around my clit, and my ass plugged I finally got myself to the edge, CLOSE to the edge. For my ruin though, I didn’t think it was close enough. I removed the one around my clit, hoping that the extra pain would add to it all and ramped myself back up. I pushed myself to the edge of what would have been a breath stealing, moan inducing orgasm. I could feel the walls of my pussy contracting from where my hands were stationed on the outside and I pulled the vibrator away. I felt myself gush as my hips ground into the air surging off the bed seeking stimulation.

Cue the mild headache from a late night and half-a-fix. My clit is more instant than any night yet. This was a terribl….ly wonderful decision. Did I say earlier that my body was saited? I meant stirred up, angry (in a delicious way), and on fire. Tomorrow morning should be interesting.

Good night, denial sluts! The arousal most likely kill us in the morning.

Well that, my dear is Edging ABCD
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.
I salute you!

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