Yesterday was day 7 of JuNO. I woke up slowly, snoozing my alarm, and teasing and edging myself while still not entirely awake. It’s a nice way to wake up!  Started my day wet and pleasantly horny.  Was in a fabulous mood!

Similar to the day before, I had a chat on my work break with my online friend (hi S, if you’re reading this) and he asked me to edge for him again after we finished speaking. So I found a private washroom and had a quick, but oh so good session, stroking and fingering myself, getting nice and wet before reluctantly going back to work. 

Around lunchtime (in my timezone) James published the challenge to do the day’s edges hands-free (for Wednesday “hump day”). I didn’t get a chance to try it until later in the day. I took a nice bath and then, before getting out, turned on the water and lay underneath it with the water flowing from the faucet over my pussy and clit; it felt super good! I don’t think I’d be able to cum from that alone, but it is just really really nice.  

I confess I didn’t do a lot for my nighttime edge. I’ve never been very good at getting stimulation from humping things. Maybe I haven’t found the right things!  but I gave it a go on the edge of my bed, then put my vibe there, straddled it (lengthwise), and ground on it a bit. Didn’t reach the edge but it felt good.

Overall I’m feeling good these days – I don’t know if this is what they call the denial high, but I do definitely feel like I have more energy and a more positive mood. I find that often, even when I’m not actively teasing or even thinking about too much “sexy stuff”, I’ll find myself just sort of tingly and *aware* of my pussy – not urgently in need but enjoyably aroused. I love it!  So glad I decided to try this.

Well done Hy! keep going!

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