Yesterday was day 6 of denial and I’m really starting to enjoy this.

Edged in the morning as I was waking up….still half asleep, snoozing my alarm and just playing with my clit. So hard to get up for work!

At work on my break I was chatting with an online friend who knows about the challenge and after the conversation I had to go into the washroom and edge a little more – just thinking about it had made me all squirmy! Was super quiet but still paranoid that someone would come in and somehow know what I was up to. I’m not an exhibitionist or anything like that but the idea of being reduced to that at my place of employment was kinda hot.

My third edge of the day had to be short and sweet after work, but bedtime was the crown of the day. I tried to do the copycat challenge (check June 6 on @female-orgasm-denial ’s blog), but was frustrated in the less great way as no matter how much time I have it to buffer, the vid kept stopping and starting. Eventually I had to abandon that, and lay back with a guided masturbation/edging/hypnotic file by Ultrahypnosis called “Edge Addict”.


I don’t remember exactly how many times he makes you go to the edge but it had to be at least four good edges. I haven’t edged that strongly in ages. At one point I was close to tears when I had to take my hand away. The file was super hot, but honestly what I think made the difference is I was much less stressed to begin with, and was able to really relax into it, and also I involved a lot more fingering than I usually do, took it slower and wasn’t just trying to force my clit. It was delicious and so hard to stop and roll over for sleep. I slept like a log though!

Day seven, now in progress…had a nice little tease before getting up, now need to stop writing this and get my pert little behind in gear for work. Happy Hump day, all. 😉

Very nice, sorry about the crappy pornhub streaming.
Can you share where you found the audio, Hy?

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