Started my day with reading others’ JuNO journals. I like to check how it’s going for the rest of participants.

Last evening I accidentally made it ruined while slapping my pussy. Today’s morning I also got a ruin while doing task of the day, as I like to call it. It’s been six days of denial and so far I got four ruined orgasms, not doing really good I suppose. But hey, I’m having fun!

I’m getting a little bit frustrated with not being able to have some pussy play at the moment. I enjoy anal, but it’s not the same. Watching lots of porn doesn’t really help.

I’ve edged two times today so far, and as I’m home alone at the moment, I’m thinking about taking advantage of it and tease myself a little.

It’s her period, that’s the reason for the lack of pussy play (in case you haven’t read back).
Personally I’d be working your frustration out in the shower with a big dildo, but if the anal only side works for you, that’s hot too.

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