I didn’t get any edges done until my shower in the evening. Before starting this challenge I had never edged in the shower before starting this challenge, makes for a much more interesting shower.

Second and third edges were done just before I went to sleep. We were allowed a ruin. I thought it would be fine, a ruin gives a tiny bit of relief, right? Wrong. Immediately after the ruin I felt okay. Then it hit me. The wave of horniness, back with a vengence. My pussy was soaking and clit was throbbing, I could not keep my hand out of my pants. I’m not sure what time I eventually fell asleep at but it was difficult to drift off with the raging horniness.

Despite that, i’m looking forward to the mext ruin, providing we get one!

I’ve done two out of three egdes for today (day 6- if i’m this horny now, who knows how desperate i’ll be at the end of the month!

So good.
So horny.

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