My first edge of the fourth day and I was able to complete it when I woke up! So it was 6.30am and I had about 3 hours sleep but it was still fun! For the sake of speed, I completed this edge with fingers only, no gags, binds, nothing.

I didn’t get another chance until I was in the shower that evening but after a minute or so playing I was lazy and decided I couldn’t be bothered…

I completed my final two edges before going to sleep. Gag, binds and nipple clamps were out again, we all know how they make me drip. I’ve never been a fan of anal play. I’ll tolerate a buttplug but I can’t say that it turns me on. I decided that my final two edges would be completed with a small buttplug in, thinking it would put me off, that it wouldn’t make me wet and I would have to take it out to reach the edge. Turns out i’m a dirty little slut who does enjoy having a stuffed ass whilst edging because I was soaking and desperate after the second edge. A 10 minute browse of tumblr before I completed my final edge of the night. Bounced that one a few times.

So, day 4 complete. A busy life does distract me but i’m finding the feelings of horniness sneaking up more frequently and gradually lasting longer.

It is now day 5 of the challenge. I haven’t done any edges yet but i’m hoping to spread them out over this evening again. We’ve been given permission for a ruined orgasm if we want it. I really don’t know if I want to continue with edging only or go for the ruin so i’ll leave it up to my followers to decide and i’ll stick with whatever the majority decide tonight.

Thank you T&D, I love your updates! Amazing what a few days denial can make you like, isn’t it!

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