So I unofficially started @female-orgasm-denial’s JuNO challenge 4 days ago (3?) and didn’t officially sign up until today. I’ve only ever denied myself for 3(ish) days, but I wanted to do something to feel ownership of myself and feel sexy.

Day 1 – I alternated spanking myself to the beat of my ceiling fan and then edging with my vibrator and that left me pretty shaky.

Day 2 was a little harder… I spent all day just teasing my clit, which wasn’t so bad. I can do short term denial pretty well.

Day 3 I didn’t have as much time to edge, so I just teased myself all night.
Then I saw the day 6 no hands challenge and decided to try it out – I’d never humped anything and was pretty much in a clit rubbing rut so I seemed like fun, especially since it was the last day of my period and I could finally feel safe without a pad or tampon.

So Day 4 I started gently rubbing myself on my pillow, and I watched a bunch of porn videos to figure out how you’re supposed to hump a pillow. I got in the rhythm every so often, but it still took some figuring out. But all day I came back to my room and tried rubbing the corner of my bed instead and I feel like I FINALLY understand the humping appeal it took all my energy to stay in control and I’ve been wet all day. My thong is soaked and I find myself rubbing on everything when no one is in the room even if it’s just labia friction and not on my clit. And then finally I was so horny I didn’t know what to do that I watched an exercise YouTube video to get rid of some of my energy and I made a secret tumblr just so I could reblog the things that got me the most excited.

I’ve never tried denial or edging but I kind of really love it.

I found your secret tuuuuumblr!

This is brilliant, keep it up.

No cumming.

Good girl!

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