JuNO – day 3


Last night I found a new suction-cup friendly surface I had previously overlooked. Reconfirmed that bent over while standing is a position that really does it for me, evident of the most trembling I’ve ever experienced from an edge. And I really had to mantra to myself “I don’t want to cum” to stay on mission. Ended my evening in bed with some very light humping to calm me down. [End of day 2 total: 4]

Despite all that, the morning was still very pleasant (as far as mornings go for me). Those groggy, blissful sessions are really something, and i find myself not even contemplating going over during them. Regardless of this month’s results I think I’ve found a new morning routine to fall back on.

The rest of the day is something else entirely, though. Compared to yesterday, I definitely caught myself in more light and hazy headspaces. Some I really had to focus on to return to the task at hand. But still I entertained the arousal all throughout the day, leaving me achey by the end. I ran some flights of stairs to get my blood flowing and away from certain areas. I should be a pretty fit denial slut by the end of this. And I didn’t have to stay later today at work! Pretty sure I know how I’ll celebrate when I get home.

Tally as of 5:30pm: 3

Great work, first reblog from this journal I think, well done!

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