I just finished my second day of denial. So far, it’s not exceptional because, I already went 10 days with no orgasm but knowing it’s a 1 month challenge madeit so exciting that I was horny as hell and wet all day ! I couldn’t stop thinking about it…

I edged after I woke up which I really enjoy because it makes me in a good mood for the all morning.

I eged again after work in the afternoon. It was hot and I am not talking only about the weather !

And finally I just edged now before going to sleep. I did not have to masturbate for long because I was very horny already. I am naked on my bed and I decided not to wipe my leaking pussy.

Tomorrow, James decided we will have to tell a friend about Juno. I can’t decide to whom I will tell about it and it makes me nervous… Tomorrow is another day…

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