So yesterday I had dropped but luckily an old hookup hit me up and we made plans for after work. I figured at the least we’d make out a little, I’d get some human interaction, and he’d buy me fries. Except it was waaaay better.
He picked me up at 9:30 after work and we went back to his house. I was right- the first half hour was just us smoking and talking about people we used to know and I figured I’d be home by 11. And then he put his hand on my thigh and I knew I was fucked.
I dropped to my knees within 10 minutes of us making out. I’ve always been a fan of blowjobs, but I wanted it more than ever. It took me 6 minutes to make him cum and while I’m not sure if it’s because I’m that good or the fact we were high or because he’s 21 like me and still is average at sex- but I felt proud. I felt proud that in 6 minutes I was swallowing his cum and hearing him moan my name. It was almost as satisfying as my own orgasm. Almost.
Now he’s a gentleman so he went to eat me out which, let’s be honest, he was not great at. He basically used the alphabet trick on my clit but not even correctly? However my poor denied pussy was so desperate that I could feel an orgasm approaching about the second time he used the letter “M”. And then I faked it. I faked an orgasm so I wouldn’t have a real one. How twisted is that? It made me think back to an ask I saw on @female-orgasm-denial where a girl said how her bf was accidentally denying her and how James encouraged her to keep taking it, just so she’d remain horny and denied. It was beautiful, honestly.
I let him fuck me from behind but his stroke game was so mediocre that even if I was on Day 30 of JuNO Im not sure I would’ve came. However I faked it again and then he took me home, saying I just gave him the best sex he’s had in a long time. How sad that I can’t ever see him again, since he wants to ask me out.
I got home horny and high and edged myself before restlessly falling asleep. I woke up with my hand in my panties, proud of my self control to not cum last night and ready to suffer for another 20 days.

HOLY SHIT you are my hero!
Oh honey, that’s so twisted and so awesome. I’m very proud of you, and so glad it got you back feeling good.
Amazing, you are amazing!

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