Just a simple first day with this challenge. I had to do my 3 edges just before going to sleep and I did them the way I usually do, legs tied open, gag in and nipple clamps on, using the wand on my clit whilst scrolling tumblr. I’ve found this turns me on the most, i’ll maybe try other toys and methods of edging later in the challenge.

I stuck to the rules and had a 10 minute break between each edge. That is something i’ve never really done, before if I edged 3 times i’d bounce the edge but count it as a seperate edge. I’ll admit, although it was the early hours of the morning and I was tired, I still really enjoyed waiting. I feel its had more of an effect on me. Although i’m not able to reach into my pants and have a play or take myself off to the bedroom (parenthood prevents all of this!) i’m finding myself picking up my phone and having a sneaky browse of tumblr whilst feeling just a little bit horny.

I’m supposed to work from home in the evenings, not sure how much work i’ll get done though! I’d like to make more time this evening to spread the edges out over a few hours so i’m going to try and do the first edge at around 8pm, the second at 9.30 and the final one just before I go to sleep around 11/11.30.

There’s a task for tomorrow, to tell a friend about the challenge. I think i’ve got someone in mind, i’m just not sure if I dare tell her!

Wow, another great JuNO journal. Thank you @teasedanddenied, we’ll be looking forward to your updates!

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