I got a bit of a late start on JuNO because my Master was visiting and left on the 6th. We discussed it yesterday, and since he planned on denying me for at least the rest of the month anyway, I thought this would be a fun way to share stories with other denial sluts. 

He decided to make a little tweak to the number of edges. Instead of 3, I’m doing 4. Once when I wake up, and 3 times at night with His instruction. Which of course only makes them hotter. He also plans to look at the daily tasks and decide if I’ll do that one, or if He’s going to change it up. 

Day 1 went well. Got my edges in without any issue. Went to sleep dripping and horny with His voice the last thing I heard. 

After just getting off 3 months of denial, this should be a good way to build that need right back up. Not that it’s taking very long anyway. 

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