JuNo Day 1,

? 6/1/2018 ?

(First entry of the day – 11:55 AM ⏰)

Woke up extra early to get in some time to edge. I’ve never liked feeling turned on/horny, while I’m out and about in public, but I’ve committed myself to this so I’m going to do it right. It’s easy to just follow directions. No over complicating it for me this month.

And to my surprise the experience of waking up to stimulation from the pleasure of denial was deeply mind altering. Giving myself that pleasure and then having the discipline to stop before I orgasmed… it was amazing! It filled me with energy, and awakened my whole body and mind. I usually go throughout my day still half asleep living from cup of coffee, to cup of coffee. But then that frustration, those blushy feelings that edging gives me, (I’ve only ever experienced at night in the dark) So using those emotions to wake up by was honestly spiritually enlightening.

So far today I’ve edged twice. Each time brings in new waves of pleasure, creating a tidal wave of stimulation.

(I’ll update this entry once more tonight)

-2 Edges (7:00-7:30) (11:30-11:40)

-40 mins Total Playtime ?

-TK ?

Day one and you’re already getting spiritual enlightenment – so good! I can’t wait to see how this develops!

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