Day 1 01.06

So on the official first day I had a 3 hour presentation at the University so I started at the late afternoon. I just wanted to make sure, that everything goes well…

My first edge was pretty intense. It was clearly very hard to stop and not to cum. But I was able to get it done and it was incredibly frustating. I was still horny as fuck and wanted to cum badly. So I repeated the magical words:

I promise not to cum. I am a denial slut

I started to count to ten and started again. It felt good and my need of an orgasm was getting stronger and stronger… but I managed to get the fingers of me before I got one. It was quite a though one for me. So I was super horny and frustrated but the must go on. It was also quite hard to get clear thoughts I strongly needed for my upcoming research.

So, I had two edges on the first day.

Day 2 02.06

At the morning I scrolled through tumblr and found some blogs whichs follows the JuNo Challenge and started to read – well and get horny. Here I just want to thank all of you which are sharing this kind of experience and getting me into new ideas for the upcoming edges.

And so I started touching myself and I quickly came up with a dildo and started to fucking myself. But no more rubbing for me. I was still scrolling tumblr and found some pics which turned me extremly on and I had just to stop, because I felt like I couldnt stop.

The second edge was a new experience for me. I was in a mall and wanted to buy a new dress for me and I was alone in the changing room and started touching myself slowly and carefully.

The last edge of the day I had at the bed and I was of course scrolling tumblr… Also I agreed for myself to say atleast once a day that, I promised not to cum – I just think that will help me for the next days.

Day 3 03.06

The morning edge I had around 10 under the shower after sports.
The second and last one of the day in the evening scrolling through tumblr.

No special things happened. It’s just getting harder and also easier to stop before the orgasm. I dont know if that makes any sense?! 😀 I get kinda used to stop it but well of course I want to orgasm badly.

Day 4 04.06

On the morning I was in a chatroom and flirting with strangers and found someone for some sexting….

For the second and last one, I will get in the bed again, scrolling tumblr and gonna try a vibrator. Im curios if I can stop before.

other things

So, I know this is kinda short. I hope I can do better in the next days. .. If you want to know things please ask 🙂 I would like to talk with some of you.

Also I’m like collecting data from this JuNo Challenge (of me). I want to do a little bit of science and maybe get some informations like the rising of “wanting an orgasm” and frustration or something like this. Im not sure about it now, but I like studies 😀

Great to have people joining in. Remember, we’re exploring this all month. You don’t have to start on the 1st June, just give it a go, and if you want to, journal about it too!

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