JuNO Day 1

The first day of JuNO was a little uneventful, for life reasons. But that won’t hold us back for long. One thing I discovered a long time ago about myself is that if I can look at, or read, things that turn me on, sink into my thoughts, fantasize deeply, that I can basically edge without touching. So even when physical edges aren’t possible for whatever reason, I’ve got Tumblr, all of the internet (since the Internet is for porn), and my wild, vivid imagination to get my motor running.

The first few days of denial aren’t usually very difficult for me. After a number of orgasms right before the month started, it’s almost a relief right now. But I’m sure that will change very soon.

Happy denial to all!

Good to hear about ‘no touch edging’ – it’s truly fascinating, and I find something women can do more often than men.
Definitely something we should explore as the month goes on.

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