JuNO – cum on positive energy

Day #2 for me (6/4- I’ll try to date these since I started late), starting with some day 1 updates

Yesterday was…a lot. Had the whole day to myself and idle hands took over with edges all day (and way too much laundry that I had been neglecting). Even played with some plugs, so instead of wanting to cum I just plainly wanted to get fucked. Right before I went to sleep was the toughest one by far, almost went over on day 1! Total tally was probably around 7.

Woke up at my usual 6:20 and knew exactly what my first task was – i only needed some simple rubbing and it was honestly such a pleasant (albeit still frustrating) edge. And overall this morning was actually pretty nice and definitely found a pool of energy rare for a Monday morning. I’m dreading work this week and stayed up late so sometimes that stress/delirium will do the same. But I’m for sure crediting the denial with at least some of it. On the work note, that’s the fresh new challenge as I’ll be working 10 hour days this week and I’m predicting a steady distraction through all of that.

Feel free to interact with these posts and tease me, keep me more accountable for these updates. Asks/submit should be open.

Great to be hearing about the positive impact energy wise! Well done.

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