The first three days of JuNO have been a mixed bag for me. My edging sessions have been more intense and even more fun than usual, mostly because I’m really excited to be a part of JuNO with all of these other beautiful denial sluts! On the other hand, I’ve had several accidental ruins and one major disaster. More on that below.

June 1st:

One edge, just before bed. I used my wand vibe on my dick (aka my “clit”) and finished with my hand for a few minutes. I stopped before I went over the edge, and drifted off to sleep in a wave of denied bliss.

June 2nd:

Five edges (one just after waking up, two in the afternoon, two just before bed), two ruins. This is where the problems started cropping up. I started each session by tucking and using my wand vibe through my panties. After building up a solid edge with that I would switch to my g-spot wand for some muffing ( As usual, I ended my edging sessions with just my hand on my clit. I accidentally went over the edge once in the afternoon and once just before bed, though I ruined both orgasms. The problem comes from spending too much time with my hand on my clit. After a long edging session with vibrators, the direct stimulation makes it too easy to slip over the edge.

June 3rd: The Day of Disaster

Three edges (one each in the morning, afternoon, and evening). My first two sessions were perfect. I started each one lying in bed with my wand vibe over my panties, humping against it like the greedy slut that I am. After a while I started playing with my breasts with one hand while still humping against the vibrator. After I was nearly delirious from that I switched to my hand to ride the edge for a few minutes. Both times I stopped without going over.

I stared out my third session with some furniture humping. Wearing two pairs of panties,I fucked the corner of my nightstand for ten minutes before I decided that it was time for some anal. I don’t have any of my plugs with me at the moment, but my g-spot want worked in a pinch. I fucked the corner of the nightstand for five more minutes with the wand in my ass before taking it out and moving to the bed for some clit action. I alternated between my hand and my wand, but disaster struck when I was using my hand. I slipped over the edge without realizing it and I didn’t manage to pull my hand away until I went one stroke over the edge. That was enough to make the difference between a full orgasm and a ruin, it turns out.

Because of this, I’m starting over as of June 4th and my month of denial will end on July 3rd. I started JuNO in part to help me increase my self-discipline, and I’m pretty disappointed in myself so far. To that end I’ve decided to impose some rules on myself.

Rule 1: Edging sessions will not last more than twenty minutes. 

Rule 2: No stroking my clit in the last five minutes of a session. I can touch the head, but stroking leads to cumming and good girls don’t cum.

Rule 3: I must play with my ass or my breasts before I can stroke my clit.

Please feel free suggest more rules, or ways that I can make up for my failure.

I’ve really enjoyed JuNO so far, despite failing on the third day and I look forward to spending the rest of the month orgasm free.

I am a denial slut.

Can I just say how glad I am that you submitted this JuNO Journal -it’s so good to have people sharing where you mess it up as well as where it’s going great. Thank you! And yes, I think you’re being a big harsh on yourself counting that as a full orgasm but you’re the judge, and starting again, well it’s just more chance to learn self-control, so well done honey.

Also, ‘muffing’ well that was a new one on me (never, ever going to try it, just sayin’)


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