Thursday, June 1st

Day 1 of JuNo. 

I’ve already had half a month of denial, what’s another added to the pile? Female-Orgasm-Denial started a denial for June and Sir thought it would be fun for me to join that band wagon and I have to admit, even though my last orgasm was May 15th… I am really enjoying my denial and I want more.

Sir started me off light, simply spreading my legs, exposing myself for a slow count to thirty. That didn’t do much, even though I was in a skirt, because I was in my office. But then he had me tap my clit “Where ever I was” and that happened to be in the dark, typically abandoned, hallway of my office. That certainly got things flowing.

And that was it. Like I said, it was light play but a heavy work day. So it worked out.

Friday, June 2nd

Day 2 of JuNo.

Sir has added “15 minutes with my hitachi against my lips” first thing in the morning and holy fuck what a frustrating way to start the day. I’m always soaking wet before I get out of bed. Aching for more and have been having a hard time concentrating for the first hour or two of my day. I absolutely love it.

Around lunch time at work, Sir had me go to the bathroom and expose my breasts and pussy in front of the mirror. I was only allowed to touch them for a few minutes and it didn’t take long for my hips to start rolling towards my fingers. God I am such a wanton slut right now!

I got to leave work early, as I typically get to on Fridays, and had an eye appointment afterwords. I was not safe from Sir there. No, he had me rub my lips any chance I got when I was alone. Safe to say… still wet!

After that I spent some time with my roommates before going to see Wonder Woman. But before I could go into the movies, Sir had me spend 5 minutes in the bathroom rubbing my clit. 5 minutes doesn’t seem like long, but when you’re in a public bathroom? It feels like forever. However, It’s been ages since Sir let me touch my clit, so I enjoyed myself quite a bit and was practically soaking through my panties all through out the movie. And when the movie was over, another 5 minutes rubbing my clit.

I was pretty tired when I got home, so Sir told me to hump my pillow and go to sleep. I am starting to really enjoy the morning wand and nightly humping. It only makes my ache worse and I’ve noticed I’ve been starting to want to hump more embarrassing things…. Which brings me too….

Saturday, June 3rd

Day 3 of JuNo.

Another 15 minutes with the wand. 3 minutes on low (which is the only setting I’ve allowed myself so far) and my cunt was soaking and needy, my lips were parting to let the wand head between them and it took all myself control to not press it to my clit. It’s now hours later and I can still feel the tingle. The desire. The need.

Sir said once I update this post I am to grind against the toe of a boot, imagine it is his and how I’m nothing more than entertainment while I hump against it. My face is turning red just thinking about it. But considering this morning I was willing to hump one of my stuffed animals, or a coffee mug handle…. there really isn’t any limit on the things I would hump for his amusement. 

I am entertainment.

I am a denial slut.

God I wanted this so bad.

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